For GPs/Health Professionals

For GPs/Health Professionals

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MARSAI clinic is committed to providing GP education on a range of topics. This can be organised:

1. At your clinic (if you have over 6 GPs attending)
2. At a pre-arranged venue

We have attended GP lunch meetings at your door-step to facilitate you saving your consult-time. If your clinic is within 15 Kms from our location (at Carina), Dr Guha will come to you during your lunch hours to talk to you about your topic of interest, or discuss cases. We also will give you an update on our easy ‘pathway to clinic/care’ process during your discussion.

Dr Guha is also a speaker for Medical Symposiums and Speed Psychiatry sessions organised by various organisations. We can facilitate this too, if you wish to have a evening dinner meeting (atleast 20+ GPs are preferable). Please let us know.

The key interest areas for such discussions are usually:

1. Complex Mood issues
2. Psychosis
3. Personality issues and crisis management
4. Managing various addiction issues
5. Medication management
6. Pathways to care in private set-up

If you have a need to contact us to organise a session for Dr Guha to discuss any topic of your interest, please call us on 07 3843 5469, or email MARINA :

We are here for you, always!