For Patients and families

For Patients and families F

Where to find us

What to bring with you

Please ensure you bring your Medicare Card and Healthfund Card, if applicable, with you.

If you have been assessed by a mental health professional previously, please bring any reports or relevant letters with you to your initial consultation.  Alternatively, you can email these through prior to your initial consultation.

If you have previously been diagnosed with ADHD, please envisage to obtain letters of diagnostic confirmation from your previous health practitioners.  Psychological reports and school reports are also helpful.

What to expect on the day of the consult

Once you arrive at our rooms, we will give you some paperwork to complete.  Please allow around half an hour prior to your appointment time for this.  This paperwork needs only to be completed for your initial consultation.

Your assessment with Dr Guha will usually last up to an hour.

After your consultation, you may wish to book a follow up review to follow through from your initial assessment.