Neuropsychiatrist Brisbane Australia is a sub-specialty of psychiatry, concerned specifically with the interface between psychiatry, neurology and general medicine. This area is more focused on understanding and managing brain-behaviour relationships, and also involve in the assertive and appropriate care of individuals who suffer from such neuropsychiatric illness. This includes patients with psychiatric conditions secondary to organic brain disease, particularly neurological or neurodegenerative disorders. An understanding of Neuropsychiatry is essential to managing Functional Neurological Disorders (known as Conversion Disorders). Most of these patients require their Psychiatrist to have expertise in psychiatry, neurology, neuropsychology, neuroimaging, neuropharmacology and biological treatment in psychiatry. its at the interface of acute physical health and mental health, and is probably considered the “biological face” of mental health assessment and treatment.


In MARSAI Clinic, we attend to all adult patients with disorders of behaviour, emotion or cognition associated with neurological illness; patients with combined neurological and  patients with complex somatoform disorders, treatment-resistant psychiatric illness or complex movement disorders. This list is quite large, and encompasses a large number of medical disorders of the brain that has psychological symptoms, which is as a result of this medical condition, or a reaction to such a disease.

If you have such a medical condition that is associated with brain and mental dysfunction, please contact your GP for assessment, and a possible referral to this clinic.