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About Us

What is my background?

I have been involved in full time private practice at the MARSAI Clinic, Belmont Hospital, Carina since 2011. I have full admitting rights at Belmont Private Hospital. The details of the hospital are available at: http://www.belmontprivate.com.au


I received my MBBS in 1986 (India). I commenced my psychiatric training whilst working with the Indian Navy in 1995 and completed my Specialist training in 1998.  I worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist between 1999 and 2003 in various Naval Psychiatry centers across India. I have extensive military psychiatric experience, having worked with the Indian Navy for over fourteen years.

I relocated to Australia in 2004 and have enjoyed extensive public and private involvement as a Senior Staff Specialist across Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania. I completed FRANZCP in 2006.

Having worked in both clinical and senior leadership positions in the public arena in two different states, I have gained valuable experience in the Australian system. I also have been affiliated to University of Queensland and Griffith University as a Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry.  I work closely with psychiatric Registrars and mental health professionals engaged at Belmont Hospital to satisfy the clinical needs of my patients.

My specialty has evolved into Adult ADHD, an area I take a special interest in.  I also take an active interest in holistic care with my patients, and work closely with them to together work on their journey to recovery.


Dr Saibal Guha
MBBS, FRANZCP, MD (Psychiatry)

My Specialisation

I have developed a special interest in Adult ADHD, and work with my patients to assist them to understand their diagnosis and treatment.  I believe in working closely to work through the process to enable my patient to have awareness and move forward with their treatment to a point where they are comfortable and in a position to move forward in all aspects of their life.  ADHD can affect many areas of life, and once diagnosed and treated, this can empower a person to take the steps forward they may not have previously been able to manage.  Personal and professional spheres of life can be better managed through appropriate treatment.

I also provide services related to general adult psychiatry, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, neuropsychiatric conditions, and telepsychiatric services for rural and remote patients.


Contact Details:

Pinel Clinic, Belmont Private Hospital    Appointments: (07) 3843 5469
1220 Creek Road,                                       (ask for Marina)
Carina, QLD 4152                                        Fax : (07) 3398 0279
Email: saicotalk@marsaiclinic.com.au

Our Services


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