Telepsychiatry or telemedicine, is a specifically defined form of ‘video conferencing’ which can provide psychiatric services to patients living in rural/remote locations. It can usually easily connect patients, Psychiatrists, Physicians, and other healthcare professionals through the use of cameras and microphones.  A commonly used internet platform is ‘Skype’.

Telepsychiatry currently provides an array of services, including but not limited to, diagnosis and assessment, medication management, and individual and group therapy. It also provides an opportunity for consultative services between Psychiatrists, primary care Physicians and other healthcare providers. Telepsychiatry is also being used to provide patients with second opinions in areas where only one Psychiatrist is available. Telepsychiatry has been shown to improve collaborative services between professionals.

It is well documented that healthcare professionals feel telepsychiatry has given them a unique opportunity to work more effectively as a team.  Patients surveyed say they feel the communication between their Physicians had improved their outcomes. There however, can be a few barriers to providing telepsychiatry services, such as internet connectivity in more remote areas.

Overall, telepsychiatry provides easy and increased access to services and has helped enhance the provision of mental health services to patients. Patients participating in telepsychiatric services say they are satisfied with the level of care they are receiving. Most have agreed telepsychiatry is a reliable form of practice.

MARSAI Clinic is connected by its own telepsychiatry  protocol to a range of patients positioned in rural and remote areas.

Just give us a call. We are here to help you.  We value your needs and will try to reach you ‘where you are’. We believe the ‘tyranny of distance’ from our clinic cannot be a barrier to your connection to our services.

Please note: The risks of using platforms such as SKYPE can carry risk issues, and this needs to be accepted at both ends through a ‘Consent to use Skype for Telepsychiatry’ form signed. If a patient has any concerns in regard to this, this needs to be discussed thoroughly before proceeding. MARSAI clinic will not take responsibility for any issues with SKYPE related breaches of security, or other technical difficulties which may arise whilst providing this service.